Albora Bvba

Albora Bvba
You can play with us with the weekly play pot of Lotto and Euromillions at Albora Bvba and Het Geels Gazetteke. The bet is € 5 per participant, you then take part for the draw of Wednesday and Saturday.

Draw Schedule:
Lotto – Wednesday & Saturday
Euromillions – Tuesday & Friday

Our House Rules of the Lotto play pot:

  1. The profit distribution will take place after the draw: each participant is entitled to 1 part of the profit per registration. Every participant is free to register for several parts. There is no maximum number of participants.
  2. We play Lotto with 10 grids of 7 numbers for a total of € 70. If the bet is more than the total amount, the organizer will fill up with forms up to the amount received. If we do not reach the total amount, we will play for the amount actually used.
  3. You are only registered when the registration fee of € 5 for 2 draws has been paid.
  4. Dagbladhandel ALBORA bvba – Het Geels Gazetteke plays for 1 part.
  5. Several play pots can be organized at the newspaper company ALBORA bvba. and the Geels Gazetteke.
  6. The organizer is not responsible for any mistakes.

Contact +32 14 67 74 70
Address: Voorheide 6, 2370 Arendonk, Belgium
Business Hours:
Monday 6:45AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 6:45AM–6:30PM
Wednesday 6:45AM–6:30PM
Thursday 6:45AM–6:30PM
Friday 6:45AM–6:30PM
Saturday 6:45AM–6PM
Sunday Closed

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